Two blue lines..

Let me start with the pregnancy. I took a pregnancy test the morning before leaving for my first ever ski trip (wanted to make sure I could drink). Well, as it turns out I couldn’t drink b/c I was knocked up. I still skied and had fun with the exception of some altitude sickness.

I’d love to be one of those women that say, “it was the best time of my life. I LOVED being pregnant!” But the truth is I loved it for about 6 weeks. The first 20 weeks or so I thought I’d puke if I moved and I’m sure Eric thought I was in hibernation I slept so much (sorry ‘bout that babe!). The middle was great. I had energy. My stomach was the perfect little bump and my boobs were amazing…sorry friends for being so inappropriate and wearing low cut everything during this time! Eric and I took advantage of the feeling good stage and took a babymoon to Florida. Super relaxing.

Then I got the preclampsia/toxemia. Sucked. I rapidly gained water weight and became so swollen that I couldn’t even bend my knees at times. BTW-this is not brought on by eating salt and you shouldn’t drink extra water during this time as a colleague made me do. No infact, your body isn’t processing fluids fast enough, so extra water just stays in your body(can you tell I’m still bitter? Let me eat my Doritos in peace, dammit)! Luckily the doctor caught it and put me on bed rest. Unluckily, by the time the super detailed test results came in (3 days later b/c of a weekend) I was back in the hospital giving birth to Ona at 31 ½ weeks. Funny how that ½ week really was important to the medical staff. I’ll tell more later, but right now I don’t want to get all emotional…

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