It’s interesting to see what happens to relationships after you have a baby….especially that with you family.  In my life my mom has always kind of been a hyper.  When something little happens, it gets bigger (hmm, I wonder where I got my flare for dramatics).  Then when we had Ona and everything was so crazy, she turned into this incredibly calming force.  Whenever I was freaked out or nervous, she would either just listen quietly or offer some words of encouragement (not the cheesy annoying kind, but the real ‘I feel ya" kind).

As Donna has admitted, our relationship has changed too.  We used to gossip about Brittany Spears and Tom Cruise over some martinis.  Now it’s more like babytalk over a glass of wine.  A month or so ago, she was over at our house talking to a friend on the phone and said, "I’m at my grandbaby’s house."  After her phone call I reminded her that it was our (Eric and my) house and we just let Ona stay here.  She just laughed.  She mentioned that we wouldn’t get any more presents, but that’s not true.  She gave me a necklace for my birthday and gift cards for Christmas.  Ha, I do still exist….if not only to produce more grandbabies:)

Ken, my father in law, has changed too.  He’s this big business guy who’s always super busy and on his cell….ALWAYS.  Every big event has a picture of him on the cell.  Now he doesn’t pick up his phone at dinners except to take pictures of Ona.  He’s so sweet with her and thinks she’s wicked smart (we do too!).  We call him Big Papa and sing the song "I love it when you call me big papa.  Throw your hands in the air."  When we sing and put our hands up, Ona does too!!

I guess my dad is the only one not to really change.  He thinks Ona is cool and all, but even after we named her after his mom we didn’t get much response other than a shoulder shrug.  He smiles at her, but immediately follows up with "got ’em dealt yet?"  BTW, my family is crazy competitive about cards.

Overall, it’s been amazing to watch the people I love, love my baby.  To watch them get excited about the stuff I get excited about like her giggle or trying to pet Millie is so cool.  The built in babysitter is a definite plus of living close!!

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