Toxemia, weight gain and bedrest..kinda

So I was trying to watch what I ate and not gain too much weight as recommended due to my back issues.  I was right on track gaining the right amounts at the right times.  Then one week in the third trimester when you’re supposed to gain about 1 lb a week, I gained 10 lbs!  I was shocked and ran to Eric crying.  He was so sweet and said, "whatever the baby needs that’s what it needs.  You’re eating healthy and you should just keep on keeping on."  (BEST husband EVER!)  That week I went the the doctor and they diagnosed me with preeclamspia/toxemia.  I think I was about 29 weeks along.  I was kind of relieved.  I mean, at least I didn’t gain the weight from too many bagels and cream cheese (the food of choice during the pregnancy).  They said it was not big deal, we’d just watch it.

Watch we did.  The scale and blood pressure kept going up and up.  Two weeks later they put me on bedrest.  I was actually kind of excited and ready to stop working (who’s not?).  Unfortunately that didn’t last long.  They put me on bedrest on Wednesday.  Friday I went to the doctor for some lab work that would be back on Monday.  The long term goal was to get to 35 weeks gestation.  The short term was 32 weeks.  The doctor warned me I might have to go on bedrest in the hospital if things got too bad…depending on the results of the tests too.  He sent me home with some warning signs of when to go back to the hospital.  At this point I’d been there 2 or 3 times.

By Sunday night I was experiencing a headache that wouldn’t quit.  This was one of the warning signs, but not in the area he told me.  Being over cautious I woke Eric up around 2 am to go the hospital.  In the car, things got bad.  I felt dizzy, saw flashing lights, disoriented and couldn’t talk.  Not good.

Upon admission and doctor review, they prepared me that I may deliver that week.  They gave me crazy super drugs that made me vomit and then dry heave.  I felt so bad I can’t even explain.  By 3 pm that day the doctor covering for my doctor announced we were going into delivery right now.  After demanding a second opinion, we got an ultra sound that revealed the baby wasn’t moving.  In for the c-section I went.  They took me to an operating room when about 12 people.  There was a team for me, anesthesia, and a NICU team for the baby.  I looked at the clock it was 330 before drifting out under general anesthesia.  Ona was born at 333.   

Stupid bedrest!  I didn’t even get a whole week!  I delivered the baby before the lab results even came back, which I’m guessing would have shown I should get my butt to the hospital.  BTW, they weighed me the day AFTER giving birth and at that point I had gained 57 lbs total.  27 in the last 2 weeks.  During the last week, my legs became so swollen I couldn’t bend my knees.  My feet were so big I couldn’t wear my shoes and then I couldn’t wear Eric’s shoes.  My friend Jamie saw me the day after giving birth.  She says I looked like a morbidly obese person.

picture 2 weeks before getting preeclampsia


a few days before the dx with my high school girl friends.


Here’s the one from Donna’s shower which is a week after the above picture, a few days after the dx and 2 days before delivery.  Not the most flattering pic:(


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