Cloth Diapers

Lately, I’m obsessed with thinking about diapers.  I hate how much waste disposable diapers make and am wondering if cloth diapers are too much work.  One of the families I work with highly recommends cloth diapers specifically fuzzybunz.  She also does all the laundering herself.  Eric’s a little grossed out by the thought and I’m a little intimidated with the up front costs.  Any advice or words of wisdom??

DC Baby!

2 weeks ago Ona and I accompanied Eric on his business trip to DC.  It was our first trip with Ona.  She was a super champ on the plane.  No crying.  In fact, on the way home she slept gate to gate.  It was a bit cumbersome traveling with the carseat and stroller…why is baby stuff so heavy?!  Together we managed.  TSA thought Ona’s shoes looked dangerous so they made us take them off. 


While Eric was working hard, Ona and I spent our days in the hotel playing and hanging out a lot with Kirsten.  We went shopping in Georgetown and all over the district!  She was a champ.



Here’s Ona’s first bath in a real bathtub.  At home with use the baby bath tubs…we just have showers.  The hotel gave us a pack of baby proofing items, night light and rubber ducky. 


Overall, I’m just glad to get the first one out of the way.  Here’s what I learned:

1-rent a car or stay RIGHT BY THE METRO.  Taxi rides with the baby, carseat and stroller is TOO much!

2-get a king bed.  We thought she’d be cool in the hotel crib, but we didn’t want her to cry and annoy our neighbors so she ended up sleeping with us. 



3-respect the nap.  I tried to do too much during the day and messed her napping all up.  As a result, we were pretty much holed up in the hotel room b/c she was pissed off!!  Stupid not getting to see Jim and Amy:(

4-pack more clothes for mom and dad.  I wanted to pack light and did, but Eric and I didn’t take the spit up factor into account with our clothes.  So by the end of our trip we got that not so fresh feeling:)

Family Fun

We’ve been having a lot of family fun lately.  Last week Eric’s dad, Dave who we call Pop, came to visit from California on his way to an African Safari.  He was so into Ona and taking care of her.  I was very surprised and impressed how hands on he was holding, feeding, changing and playing with the baby girl.  She liked him too.  After he held her, she would smell like Old Spice.


He taught us a "trick" for transition from holding a sleeping baby to laying her down…she always wakes back up.  He showed us how to keep her moving with our hand so she stays awake.  Yeah, tricks:)


Then at a family gathering over the weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday, my niece, Laura, informed Eric that when you go potty it sounds like, "uuuhhh(grunting)."  Kids are so funny!


Here’s Ona with her baby cousin, Thomas.  Above is my mom, Nena with Thomas, Ona, Matthew, and Laura.