Childcare–Eric’s not the only hater


Err-so we have a fabulous babysitter who’s not so reliable.  I mean she comes when she’s supposed to, but will give us notice that she’ll be MIA for like 4-6 weeks.  This is the 3rd time in 6 months.  Mama Donna has totally been helping us out, which I feel totally guilty for.  Today she asked what she could do to help, laundry, cleaning, ect.  I feel bad enough sucking every Monday out of her schedule.  I would NEVER ask her to do anything.  I digress.  She got married and was out the month of March which my bro babysat for.  Again with the guilt.  He has his PhD in physics and works as a professor.  Does he really want to spend his day off with my baby?  Probably not. 

So, I’ve been calling to find daycare/childcare.  First I called all daycares inside the perimeter for part-time care.  Nothing turned out.  Then I called back for full-time.  Most waitlists are at the earliest Fall of 09.  Ya, our babysitter is leaving in a few weeks people.  Then I called all in home childcares in the perimeter.  Nothing.  Come on.  When I call, people literally laugh at me.  "You’re looking for what hun??  Haha."  I’m willing to pay full time for part time care.  Help me PLEASE!

I’m getting desperate.  I’ve go OPT( for non-Atlantan’s that’s outside the perimeter).  That means, I may be spending more time taking my child to daycare than driving to and from clients’ homes. 

Eric has started to ponder opening a daycare.  Why is this so hard?  Do people really line up childcare before they even get pregnant?  Err, the rage.  It’s so stressful and anxiety ridden.  All I want to do is work 1, maybe 2 days a week and get my child OUT OF THE HOUSE!!  At this point, I’m not asking too much.  I want my child safe, but she doesn’t need to learn anything.  Ugh–hopelessly going to have to drive to Alpharetta for childcare:(


Ona says, "I need socialization!"

The 2 Ds


Ona is officially weaned as of 2 weeks ago.  Last week, "she" gave me diamond earrings to say thanks for 9 months ma.  They’re beautiful and very sweet of "her."  I have to say I’ve been enjoying drinking again.  Before I only had a little or would work it around her feeds.  Aw, the freedom after 16 months of restriction.  Isn’t it sad I’m pining over drinks ?  I think it’s just that you pay attention to everything that goes in your mouth for so long and now it only effects you, nobody else.  My friend Christy said it best when she said a little self destruction is good sometimes:)  I have to agree.

Running, Donkey Katy and kissable baby girl


Jamie and I ran in the Sprint for Cancer on Sunday and accomplished our goal of running the whole time.  We finished in under 34 minutes.  It was a beautiful day and so fun to run with Jamie.  Eric and Ona came to cheer us on:)  Jamie and I ran the race in honor of our co-worker and my mentor Linda who is winning the fight against breast cancer (see story below about how I’m a donkey!).

Here’s a picture of the finish line.  Hard not to be distracted by the woman grabbing her crotch who’s blocking Jamie out of the pic.




Donkey Katy

So, I called Linda after the race to tell her all about it and she was shocked that I was running in honor of her.  Actually, she was VERY surprised to even hear from me.  When I told her I ran in support of her fight against breast cancer, she was like, "WHAT!?"  Ya, I called the wrong Linda.  I called a Linda I haven’t spoken to in 2 years.  I’m such a donkey.  Then while I was attempting to recover, how does one recover from that, Linda overheard Eric rolling on the floor in laughter.  I’m such a donkey!  I called the real Linda after that and added last names to my cell phone address book.

Here’s a picture of Ona is her sunglasses Eric got her on his man’s trip to Colorado:


Naked baby


A few weeks ago at the hospital, I showed my coworkers Ona’s "professional" pictures.  They didn’t really respond, which I thought was weird, but now I think I know why.

Last week I was talking to my friend Kirsten.  She was telling me about a friend who sent her and her husband pictures of their naked baby from a portrait studio.  She was all like,"isn’t that weird?  You’d never get naked pictures taken would you?"  Uh, ya, already did.  Guess that’s why my coworkers politely said nothing.  Sorry friends!

Running update

Today I ran 3 miles in 31.20 minutes.  Yeah!  It’s the first time I’ve ever run that far without stopping to walk. 

After the last 5k, I bought actual running shoes from a store in Ansley, Philippe’s I think it’s called, where they watch you run to make sure you’re getting the right shoes.  They’ve worked pretty well so far, but today I got a weird blister on the outside of the ball of my foot.  Weird.  Also, they had me go up a 1/2 size.  Dude man said your foot grows 1/2 a size with each kid.  I don’t know about that though b/c all my other shoes still fit.

Moving On…


Ona is on the move.  She’s been crawl/rolling around for a few weeks, but last night she was crawling after a plastic coke bottle.  Yes, it’s her favorite toy.  Also, last week we went to DC b/c Eric had some business meetings there.  It’s officially time to babyproof or at least start.  She was pulling out all the drawers and trying to get under them.  While we were there we got to meet Jim and Amy’s new puppy, Bug.  So cute, but Ona wasn’t digging her.  I think she didn’t like all the puppy kisses.  We also got to see Kir and Robbie.  Yes, Kir still has time for friends even now that she’s a big business owner.  It was awesome!  Robbie cooked up some goodness and we all just talked.  Kir brought out some cool toys like a spinning pompom and Ona was completely content.  Ona puked a few times on their new rug though–sorry guys:( 


Lunch with Jim and Amy. 



Needless to say Ona is moving on to bigger and better things…just like her Auntie Jodi.Jodi and Matt will be moving to NYC in the next few weeks to 3 months.  Matt got an amazing job and they’re excited about moving close to Jodi’s peeps as well as being in the middle of everything.  I’m so sad, but at the same time I’m happy for them.  I know Jodi LOVES NY, but I love her and don’t want her to leave.  We’ve been friends for 10, almost 11 years starting back at our Victoria Secret Bra Specialist days.  We quickly bonded over talking about our scoliosis-ya, we’re cool!  Some of my best memories with Jodi are laughing at boiling water on my 21st birthday, trying to push a car off a tree stump, climbing in the window of the carriage house, dancing with homeless people at MJQ, Jodi screaming "RAT!" at MJQ, Fado’s, VS of course, trip to NY with Pacsha, NY for her engagement party, and Jodi saying "I’m going to kick their ass."


Pictures from Jodi and Matt’s Engagement Party in NYC.


Jodi, Me and Michelle


Cloth Diaper Update

We decided to go ahead and try a few cloth diapers to see if we liked it or if it was too much work or mess.  We went with a brand called FuzzyBunz which were recommended by a family I work with.  I really like them.  They’re soft, but not as absorbent as disposable ones.  As a result we have to change her a bit more often.  So far we use the cloth during the day and disposable at night.  Yeah-less waste.  Here’s Ona watching her new diapers get washed. 



On a warmer day…




I’d have to say about 80% of my friends are active runners.  A few weeks ago I had my first spend the night away from Ona.  I went to Columbia, SC with some girl friends, Julie, Tracy, and Lauren, to run in my first ever 5k.  Up until race day I had only run 1 mile straight.  Those girls ROCK!  They ran with me until I couldn’t run any farther (2 miles!!) and then tried to cheer me on at the finish line.

It was such a fun get away.  While it was hard to get out the door (I almost canceled like 5x), once I was there it was great.  We went out to a bar for drinks, dinner and some good old fashioned girl talk.  I actually had several complete conversations without loosing my train of though in a puke free outfit.  Good times. 

The next race is Radiant System’s Sprint for Cancer on 4/20.  I’m running with Jamie and we’re having "In Support of Linda" put on the shirts in honor of our colleague and my mentor Linda Lane.  She’s the BEST!!