I’d have to say about 80% of my friends are active runners.  A few weeks ago I had my first spend the night away from Ona.  I went to Columbia, SC with some girl friends, Julie, Tracy, and Lauren, to run in my first ever 5k.  Up until race day I had only run 1 mile straight.  Those girls ROCK!  They ran with me until I couldn’t run any farther (2 miles!!) and then tried to cheer me on at the finish line.

It was such a fun get away.  While it was hard to get out the door (I almost canceled like 5x), once I was there it was great.  We went out to a bar for drinks, dinner and some good old fashioned girl talk.  I actually had several complete conversations without loosing my train of though in a puke free outfit.  Good times. 

The next race is Radiant System’s Sprint for Cancer on 4/20.  I’m running with Jamie and we’re having "In Support of Linda" put on the shirts in honor of our colleague and my mentor Linda Lane.  She’s the BEST!!

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