Moving On…


Ona is on the move.  She’s been crawl/rolling around for a few weeks, but last night she was crawling after a plastic coke bottle.  Yes, it’s her favorite toy.  Also, last week we went to DC b/c Eric had some business meetings there.  It’s officially time to babyproof or at least start.  She was pulling out all the drawers and trying to get under them.  While we were there we got to meet Jim and Amy’s new puppy, Bug.  So cute, but Ona wasn’t digging her.  I think she didn’t like all the puppy kisses.  We also got to see Kir and Robbie.  Yes, Kir still has time for friends even now that she’s a big business owner.  It was awesome!  Robbie cooked up some goodness and we all just talked.  Kir brought out some cool toys like a spinning pompom and Ona was completely content.  Ona puked a few times on their new rug though–sorry guys:( 


Lunch with Jim and Amy. 



Needless to say Ona is moving on to bigger and better things…just like her Auntie Jodi.Jodi and Matt will be moving to NYC in the next few weeks to 3 months.  Matt got an amazing job and they’re excited about moving close to Jodi’s peeps as well as being in the middle of everything.  I’m so sad, but at the same time I’m happy for them.  I know Jodi LOVES NY, but I love her and don’t want her to leave.  We’ve been friends for 10, almost 11 years starting back at our Victoria Secret Bra Specialist days.  We quickly bonded over talking about our scoliosis-ya, we’re cool!  Some of my best memories with Jodi are laughing at boiling water on my 21st birthday, trying to push a car off a tree stump, climbing in the window of the carriage house, dancing with homeless people at MJQ, Jodi screaming "RAT!" at MJQ, Fado’s, VS of course, trip to NY with Pacsha, NY for her engagement party, and Jodi saying "I’m going to kick their ass."


Pictures from Jodi and Matt’s Engagement Party in NYC.


Jodi, Me and Michelle


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