Running, Donkey Katy and kissable baby girl


Jamie and I ran in the Sprint for Cancer on Sunday and accomplished our goal of running the whole time.  We finished in under 34 minutes.  It was a beautiful day and so fun to run with Jamie.  Eric and Ona came to cheer us on:)  Jamie and I ran the race in honor of our co-worker and my mentor Linda who is winning the fight against breast cancer (see story below about how I’m a donkey!).

Here’s a picture of the finish line.  Hard not to be distracted by the woman grabbing her crotch who’s blocking Jamie out of the pic.




Donkey Katy

So, I called Linda after the race to tell her all about it and she was shocked that I was running in honor of her.  Actually, she was VERY surprised to even hear from me.  When I told her I ran in support of her fight against breast cancer, she was like, "WHAT!?"  Ya, I called the wrong Linda.  I called a Linda I haven’t spoken to in 2 years.  I’m such a donkey.  Then while I was attempting to recover, how does one recover from that, Linda overheard Eric rolling on the floor in laughter.  I’m such a donkey!  I called the real Linda after that and added last names to my cell phone address book.

Here’s a picture of Ona is her sunglasses Eric got her on his man’s trip to Colorado:


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