Childcare–Eric’s not the only hater


Err-so we have a fabulous babysitter who’s not so reliable.  I mean she comes when she’s supposed to, but will give us notice that she’ll be MIA for like 4-6 weeks.  This is the 3rd time in 6 months.  Mama Donna has totally been helping us out, which I feel totally guilty for.  Today she asked what she could do to help, laundry, cleaning, ect.  I feel bad enough sucking every Monday out of her schedule.  I would NEVER ask her to do anything.  I digress.  She got married and was out the month of March which my bro babysat for.  Again with the guilt.  He has his PhD in physics and works as a professor.  Does he really want to spend his day off with my baby?  Probably not. 

So, I’ve been calling to find daycare/childcare.  First I called all daycares inside the perimeter for part-time care.  Nothing turned out.  Then I called back for full-time.  Most waitlists are at the earliest Fall of 09.  Ya, our babysitter is leaving in a few weeks people.  Then I called all in home childcares in the perimeter.  Nothing.  Come on.  When I call, people literally laugh at me.  "You’re looking for what hun??  Haha."  I’m willing to pay full time for part time care.  Help me PLEASE!

I’m getting desperate.  I’ve go OPT( for non-Atlantan’s that’s outside the perimeter).  That means, I may be spending more time taking my child to daycare than driving to and from clients’ homes. 

Eric has started to ponder opening a daycare.  Why is this so hard?  Do people really line up childcare before they even get pregnant?  Err, the rage.  It’s so stressful and anxiety ridden.  All I want to do is work 1, maybe 2 days a week and get my child OUT OF THE HOUSE!!  At this point, I’m not asking too much.  I want my child safe, but she doesn’t need to learn anything.  Ugh–hopelessly going to have to drive to Alpharetta for childcare:(


Ona says, "I need socialization!"

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