Father’s Day and Lake with Josh, Christy and Ellie


For Father’s Day, Ona wore a shirt that said, "I love my Daddy-O" with a picture of the 2 of them on it.  Then this week Eric will take a golf lesson and play a round this weekend.  We didn’t do the whole golf thing this weekend , b/c we went to the lake with Josh and Christy.




The lake was very relaxing and fun.  It was so cute to see the girls play together.  Ellie is running like a champ, but several times would get down on the floor and crawl around with Ona.  Very sweet.


Ellie would trade toys with Ona.  Ona followed Ellie all around the house.


Here-Ellie is holding on to Ona’s stroller on a walk.

Ona went swimming for the very first time.  She was a champ.  No crying just having fun in the sun.  She didn’t even mind me slathering her in sunscreen…even when it was cloudy.



FAMILY CELEBRATION-On Friday, we dined at the March of Dimes Dining Out Event.  It gave us an opportunity to give back to an organization who helped us in a time of need, celebrate Ona’s health, thank our family for all their help and support, and eat some good food.  We dined at the Sundial where they served a different wine with each course.  Our grandmothers LOVED it!!  Thank you to everyone for your love and support over the last year.  The bad times were really bad, but the good times were amazing.  We are so grateful!


My sister Amy, Dad, Mom, me, Eric (baby daddy, ha!), Donna (Eric’s mom), John (my bro), My Grandma, and Eric’s Grandma.

Baby Talk


Ona is talking so much.  I don’t know if it’s b/c I’m her mama or an SLP, but it’s amazing.  She says Mama, Dada, Ca(t), and Du(ck) independently.  She won’t say them when asked ‘who’s that?’ though.  She’s also repeating alot.  Yesterday Eric called Ken and told Ona he was calling her Big Papa.  Ona responded, "Papapa…"  I love hearing her little voice!

The Name Game


Recently Ashley Simpson got married and changed her legal name to Ashley Wentz, but is hyphenating her last name professionally to Simpson-Wentz.  This whole last name thing is confusing.  Let me explain.  My name is Katy Stout and Eric’s name is Eric Muntz.  We were going to do just 4 names for Ona: Ona Jean Stout Muntz, but my friend Kir did that when she got married.  She went from Kirsten Metzger to Kirsten Metzger Gilbert (NO HYPHEN).  The only problem is the Metzger portion is often left off.  So, it’s basically for that reason that we just mooshed the whole thing together.

So to clarify, I am Katy Stout, married to Eric Muntz, mother of Ona StoutMuntz (no hyphen, no space [Eric’s Note: For the nerds out there, yes, it should be ‘camel-case’, where the S and M (haha) are both capitol letters]).  Just for the record, I am never offended or upset if someone messes up my name or Ona’s…I am highly amused when people refer to Eric as a Stout:)