The Name Game


Recently Ashley Simpson got married and changed her legal name to Ashley Wentz, but is hyphenating her last name professionally to Simpson-Wentz.  This whole last name thing is confusing.  Let me explain.  My name is Katy Stout and Eric’s name is Eric Muntz.  We were going to do just 4 names for Ona: Ona Jean Stout Muntz, but my friend Kir did that when she got married.  She went from Kirsten Metzger to Kirsten Metzger Gilbert (NO HYPHEN).  The only problem is the Metzger portion is often left off.  So, it’s basically for that reason that we just mooshed the whole thing together.

So to clarify, I am Katy Stout, married to Eric Muntz, mother of Ona StoutMuntz (no hyphen, no space [Eric’s Note: For the nerds out there, yes, it should be ‘camel-case’, where the S and M (haha) are both capitol letters]).  Just for the record, I am never offended or upset if someone messes up my name or Ona’s…I am highly amused when people refer to Eric as a Stout:)

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