Two steps forward


This weekend Ona climbed up 2 stairs.  Today she climbed up 12.  Needless to say we’re going to have to buy a baby gate for the bottom of the stairs soon.

Ona is doing so great.  She’s standing more and letting go.  She’s also playing really well.  We moved some furniture in the house around so the sunroom is all play toys.  She loves playing in there or going outside to swing.  Here she is "riding" her bike….really Eric and I have to push it around the house.


A few weeks ago we celebrated Ken, aka Big Papa’s birthday.  Donna threw a surprise party where people got up to roast or toast Ken.  Ona LOVED it.  She was so social.  The only problem is that when people got on mike, she would yell "ahh."  Actually she’s doing that a lot lately.  Like if we’re shopping and she wants someone to talk to her, she’ll look at them and yell "ahhh."  It’s one of my new favorite things she does.



Mama’s little helper:  She’s also been cracking me up because she’s so much more interested in household chores.  She really likes to bang on the dishwasher, watch the laundry spin, and use the vacuum cleaner as her walker (notice the effort on her face!).  It cracks me up.