But I don’t want a party:(


As if it wasn’t already official, Ona is just like her daddy and is doing everything she can to get out of a birthday party.  We canceled 2 and didn’t even officially notify everyone of the 3rd before it was canceled too.  It seems our house is the revolving door for sickness and then this week Grandma Vera, Eric’s grandma, and Grandma Allen, my grandma were admitted to St. Joseph’s.  Eric’s grandma had her appendix out and is recovering well.  Grandma Allen is being monitored for her cardiac function, but looks good too.  So, no party this weekend either.  Here are some pictures from her actual birthday even though we all had the plague.


(Ok, I’m cheating.  She isn’t holding up the finger in response to “how old are you?”  She’s just really into pointing.




She had so much fun playing with the tissue!!

Ona is thriving at school.  Her teachers are now reporting she was perfect and are very impressed with her appetite and chewing skills.  A few weeks ago, Ms. Dennis said she figured out how to keep Ona happy all day….feed her until she gets sleepy.  That just cracks me up.  Every day she takes a green, frog blanket/stuffed animal from Kirsten.  It has helped her stay in her crib “nicely” during nap time.

When I pick her up, I walk through an older classroom (18 months-2 yearsish).  Every time it melts my heart to hear the kids say, “bye Ona.”  It’s the cutest thing ever.  Ona says “bu-bye” in response about the time we’re getting in the car.

It’s been a tough week for some people we love.  I don’t know what to say other than we love you and wish we could take all the pain away.  Thinking of you..

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