My favorite Ona sayings/doings of 2009

This Thanksgiving we took a duck tour of Austin with Pop (Eric’s dad) Lola (Eric’s step-mom), and Amanda (Eric’s sister).  It was colder than we excepted and windy.  During the ride, Ona yelled, “GET OUT OF MY FACE, WIND!”  She said it with so much hate and anger in her voice.  Very funny.

In preparation for our Thanksgiving trip to see Eric’s family, we were talking a lot about Pop, Lola, and Amanda.  In the car one day I said we were going to see Amanda and Ona said, “that’s daddy’s sister?”  I said, “Yes, good job.”  Then she said, “Ona’s sister is Uncle John.” 

In the beginning of December we were grocery shopping.  Ona kept kicking her boot off in the store.  Each time I’d tell her nicely to keep her boots on.  Finally on time 4 or 5, I asked her “what’s going on with you today?”  She looked me in my eyes and said, “Mommy, I just be crazy.”

Since Ona’s birthday in July, she thinks everyone is 2.  It cracks us up, that we ask her all the time, how old is mommy, how old is daddy, and so on.  On one visit with Gigi and Tutu (Eric’s mom and grandma), he wanted to show them how funny it is she thinks everyone is 2 so he asked, how old is Tutu.  Ona said, “really old!”

Ona has quite a sweet southern accent due to her daycare.  She’s picked up some sayings that crack us up such as “he be crazy” and “come own” for come on, but the one that cracked me up the most was the verse of wheels on the bus that I’d never heard before: The Mommies on the bus say HUSH THAT FUSS!  So funny, I asked her teachers to make sure I was hearing her correctly and they said yes.  They changed it from daddies because they don’t want the children to be afraid of daddies.  One day Ona was being sassy and jokingly I said, hush that fuss baby.  Poor thing started crying.  Haven’t said it since.

I have no idea where she gets this, but when she greets Milli the cat she’ll say, “hey boo boo” or “hey sweety.” 

Ona has grown up so much this year.  She’s soft spoken and shy at first, but she is a sassy little thing which pleases me to no end.  She is charming, but won’t take any bull.  At Troy’s Christmas Party this year, she was literally dancing around and singing songs.  I love that she can feel comfortable just being who she is.

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