Good, busy day today

Today was a great time.  We started by going out to breakfast at West Egg in West Atlanta.  It’s become a favorite spot of ours, especially since Katy discovered she loves eggs benedict.  Ona was pretty fun at breakfast, but started getting a little antsy and crazy and after she ripped a biscuit into a million pieces, I went a little ragey and ended up with daddy guilt.  Sigh.  

After breakfast, we met friends at the park – Todd and his four year-old daughter Mary Grace, and Troy, Joni and their dog Uno.  Was a great visit to the park, and the weather was early spring-like and awesome (high 50’s, I think).  We took the wagon instead of the stroller and that was a really great decision – it was mega awesome to pull the kids around the park in a wagon, for both them and us.  Lots of sliding, swinging and drawing with chalk at the park led to happy, happy kids.  We all went to lunch at Osteria after the park and had a nice time.

After a nice mid-afternoon nap, we headed north to Katy’s parent’s house for a birthday celebration for her dad and bro.  The ride up there was insane beyond belief (traffic + people doing massively jerky things = insane beyond belief).  Anyhows, we made it there, and had a blast!  Ona is obsessed with our niece Laura and turns into the cutest and most hilarious little bugger around her.  It’s so awesome she’s got such great cousins nearby.  Katy and I played many games of cards with the Stout’s (I was the big loser, but at least I lost in style, once in spades by 400 points!), and Katy’s sister Amy made wickedly good bbq chicken.  Mmmmmm.

OK, that was a boring update.  It’s what we did today.  It’s 12:48am and I can’t sleep, so the blog readers suffer.  🙂


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