Stuff in Ona’s bed

Changing Ona’s sheets today I found the following items in her bed:
A pretend plastic worm
Finger skate board
Miniature princess
Baby block
Juilian, her favorite doll
The other Julian, a doll she always puts in time out
A book of counting hearts
Bag a doll clothes and accessories

Ona the meeting leader

Ona's preschool does a morning meeting in her class and the kids take turns being "meeting leader".  Today it was Ona and here's what she said (we get a note from the teachers with the "minutes")…

"I went to a pool.  I went to a choo choo park and swinged on the baby swings.  Mommy took me to the pool all day but not all night.  The end."

(Our neighborhood park has a jungle gym train, hence "choo choo park")

She pooped in the potty!

After being bribed with a Hersey kiss and reminded that her cousin Thomas poops in the potty, Ona did it. Yes, I took pics bc I’m gross like that, but I won’t post. Let’s see if she earns a party by using the potty for a week straight.


Here’s a pic of Milli. I don’t know how she got under/in the bottom of the crib or how she’ll get out. Ona’s trying to help with a blanket.