When you were a kid, did you… ?

Ona’s new thing is to ask us if we did [whatever she just did] when we
were kids.  I guess psychologically it makes her feel better about
stuff if we went through it also?  Either way, it’s pretty cute, and
sometimes funny as shit.  Some examples:

After slipping on the stairs and falling a bit… “Daddy, did you fall
down the stairs when you were a kid?”.  Answer: “Yep.  Actually, I
fall on the stairs all the time, although it’s usually going up them;
I fell up them last night!”

While sick in bed watching movies.  “When you were sick, did you watch
iPad movies in bed?”.  Heh, no.  I wanted to be all “When I was a kid
and got sick, I walked 10 miles uphill both ways to work in the coal
mine”, but the reality is I probably did the exact same thing she did,
just substitute VHS something-or-another for iPad.

Today at lunch, “When you were a kid did you bite the inside of your
cheek?”.  Once again, “I do that still, baby girl, and it hurts like

One of my favorites for nostalgia purposes was her asking me if I
spilled my juice when I was a kid.  I’d forgotten this, but I was a
MESSY kid with cups/glasses.  I honestly think I spilled at every meal
until I was about 10.  Poor parents.  And all I drank was some sort of
fruit juice (fruit punch!!) so we must have had permanently red
tables.  Remember those old budget laminent (sp?) white tables?  Poor
stained red tables.  Ah, nostalgia.

I hope she doesn’t keep this up into her teenage years so I have to
cop to all the dumb shit I did.

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