We switched both kids rooms upstairs and it’s making the house so much more comfortable to play! Check out Neal sitting up so good. He’s eating baby food now 2-3x a day and still waking up 2-3x a night…I’m a whimp and don’t want to do the cry it out method.

Ona finished preschool this week. I’m so excited and a little scared to have both kids all summer long. Hoping for lots of picnics in the park, playdates and swimming at the pool!!



Neal @ 6 months

Last week Neal turned 6 months old. He’s such a doll full of joy and excitement. I think he’s one of the happiest babies ever and a true joy to his family. He weighs 16 lbs 15oz and is in the 50th percentile for weight, 25th-50th for height and head size…average just like his parents:) Little buddy is on the MOVE. He rolls with ease, gets in the crawls position, rocks back and forth and then “jumps” forward. He’ll crawl for 1 “step” or so. He can sit up by himself into his gangster lean. He’s eating cereal, oatmeal, but loves prunes the best. His favorite things are getting “loved on” by his sister, “talking” with people, and riding in the bjorn baby carrier.