Neal @ 9 months

Neal had his 9 month check up today. He’s 19 lbs which is in the 25-50th% and his height falls in the 50-75%. He’s right on track developmentally: babbling with the sounds: d, t, m, and b, waving bye-bye (he waves towards his mouth, which is so super cute), he crawls, pulls himself to a stand and can “cruise” while holding on to a stable surface like the couch. Baby LOVES to eat people food like bread and fruit. He still nurses and I’m hoping to make it until 12 months. It’s been so easy nursing him and he’s so sweet during. He’ll smile, laugh and snuggle down. LOVE IT! He’s getting annoyed with his baby carseat so we’ll transition him to a convertible carseat AFTER our vacation. He’s napping 2x a day for 1-1 1/2 hours each time. At night he usually sleeps 645-645He still gets up 1x a night, but we’ll be phasing that out b/c he seems more interested in social time than having a real need. He’s such a happy baby. He really only cries when left at the gym daycare or when he’s put down to sleep @ night.

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