Da Beach

We went to Hilton Head, SC this past week for our summer family vacation.  It was an absolute blast, although it did take Neal a few nights to get into the swing of sleeping in a new place (I spent most of the first two nights either in a chair or bed sitting up holding him; wasn't as bad as that sounds, though, and I have a weird love for those moments).  Anyway, the theme was relaxation and just hanging out.  We really didn't do much other than hang at the beach or pool, which was awesome.  Ona wasn't crazy about the beach this year, she was *much* more into the pool.  However, once she learned how to dig holes in the sand and use them as baths for her baby/ponies, she decided the beach was alright.  Her and Katy "jumped waves" a lot also, watching the two of them in the water screaming and laughing was super cool.  Neal, on the other hand, *loved* the beach (and was "meh" on the pool).  He was a crawling machine and loved to eat sand and crawl into the little waves on the shore.  I spent a lot of my beach time crawling around with him.  We ate at the Crazy Crab twice, and, errrr, they probably have the best roasted chicken I've ever eaten.  🙂  Aaaaand, I tried the fried shrimp and actually didn't hate it (I didn't like it either, but I could've eaten it and not wanted to cut my tongue off, which if you know me at all, is *huge*).  Overall, a great week at the beach, and here are some pictures to prove it…..


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