Neal organizing his food

Neal loves the compartment plates. He loves to put food in, out, eat a little. Now that he’s 1, he drinks out of a straw or sippy cup with. Bottle at bedtime. He walks with his baby walker and can stand on his own for up to 10 secs. He can say: mama, dada, sissy for Ona, and thank you. He babbled ALL the time and loves reading books. He doesn’t like singing as much as Ona did at this age. He recently learned to clap his hands. His favorite “naughty” thin to do is play in the toilet. Yuck! He loves playing with sand, balls, little people and kitchen. He is highly social and loves “talking” to people. He can crawl to the top of the stairs and lives “snuggling down” in bed and “sitting” on the couch. He is very playful and a happy, healthy baby.

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