Ona started kindergarten this week and really, really wanted to ride the bus. The first day she was “misplaced” and didn’t make it on the bus so I picked her up at school. Yesterday the bus drive past me not stopping at the designated stop. After we called we finally got the bus to circle back around and drop her off. While mama and daddy have earned more than a few grey hairs over all of this, she still wants to keep trying it so we’ll keep on trying to get it just right. Oye vay!

All ready

Ona picked out her outfit for school an even picked out the sneaks on a daddy daughter outing. I didn’t live them at first, but they’re growing on me and she LOVES them. She also picked out her Tinkerbell backpack and requested to wear her hair back, which never happens. She said she needed it for school and you won’t hear me complaining bc at least I know it’ll be out of her face. Oh, girlie-how did you get so big. From 3 lbs to 30 lbs. last week you were 4. This week you’re 5 and going to elementary school. Oye vay.