Neal decided to be a fireman for his Halloween parade. He had so much fun and was happy, which makes the mama happy:)

Neal’s lion

Neal got a lion for his bday from his Fudger cousins and loves it. He sleeps and now rides to school with him:) I got some weird looks walking home after dropping N off with just the lion and blanket in the stroller.


We took the kids to a farm this weekend to pet some animals, go on a corn maze and go in a hay ride. Neal did not like the corn maze!

Uncle Bob’s farm

Took the kids to a nearby farm yesterday to get pumpkins. Had a blast – hay ride, corn maze, and a really cute puppet show put on by the farmers family kids.

Happy October!

Katy took Ona to the dentist yesterday (all good teeth-wise!) and Ona got these pink vampire teeth, then proceeded to take 20 pictures with Katy’s phone to scare her. It worked…. and this awesome picture was a result.