Ona for pres

Pop-sit down before reading:)

In the car, Ona said she wanted to be the first woman president. I said that’s great but hopefully there will be one before she’s an adult. She said oh like Harriet Tubman?

I asked-do you mean Hillary Clinton?

Ona-oh, ya, Hillary Clinton


Ona was asking about if we had a safe and if so, what was in them. I told her we had 2: one for important docs and one for a gun. She asked me the code for the gun safe. I told her I didn’t know bc I don’t know how to handle a gun but when I learn or she learns gun safety, you can get the code. Ona said she didn’t need all that bc she knew the code…gun fun or Eric cocoa.


Neal is obsessed with markers and coloring. He even takes them to the park. He promised he wouldn’t color on his bed during nap time…