kids playing in the office

Just some random pics while I play with my camera. Neal was showing me how to krav, Ona was trying to do a hand stand (and got really close!).


I love this sequence of Ona getting used to me shoving a camera in her face all day. She goes from "wee, haha" to "omg, stop it" so quickly.

Sleeping Beauties

Fun at Grandma’s

sweet brother

(note: I got a new camera, and I’m enjoying it. If you want to see all the shots, check out my flickr photostream where I’ll be uploading tons of photos: or find me by username ‘muntzen’)

Now for this series of photos… the other night, Ona got sad and Neal made her laugh and calmed her down. Was super sweet….

Trip to Cali

My brother got married over the weekend in Laguna Beach. We took the kids and had a great time. Here are a few pics of the trip (hi, Pop, I think you are the only one who reads this!)…