First day of camp ever!

Neal had his first day of camp today…it was at his preschool with most of his classmates from last year. He did not want to go and cried, screamed and apparently threw his shoes for the first 15 minutes. After that he had a blast according to his teachers.

Festival fun

Went to a "food truck festival" in the park with Gigi and Big Papa yesterday. Neal wasn’t really into the lines and the food trucks ("wasn’t really into" means "absolutely hated"), but Ona had a blast. There were some rides, too. My poor Mom can’t handle anything spinning anymore.

water fun in the backyard

Summer has hit Atlanta hard the last week. It’s been HOT and muggy. The kids busted out the sprinkler and buckets yesterday and had a blast.

cars exhibit

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta is super close to our house so we dropped in for their "Dream Cars" exhibit last weekend. The cars were so cool, my brother and Dad would’ve been in heaven. Got a couple decent shots, particularly one that showed how excited Neal was the entire time!