2nd day of school

Neal wasn’t too happy the 1st day of school, but today he was because 1) we walked there which he loves and 2) we slid down the playground slides a few times before 3) walking in with his buddy Bennett. Love when my babies are happy!


Eric made Neal a fort early this morning. He has been playing in it and now watching a show since E left!

helping mama cook

We had a brunch with katy’s high school friends a few weeks ago and the kids helped her cook up some food for it. Always fun in the kitchen.

Ona’s 7th birthday

Ona turned 7 this week. She had an absolute blast at her birthday party today and opening her gifts this week. One of the hits was a pair of fashion glasses (she really wants glasses for some reason), but her new american girl doll was the big one. Neal jumped into the fun, as usual.