Kids are disgusting

Both kids are home sick today. Apparently while I popped in the shower, they had an altercation, which resulted in Neal fishing his wet pull up out of the trash, opening it and throwing the absorbant crystals at Ona.


Ona was talking about her friend Emma Ackerman in the car today.
Neal, "Ackerman?"
Ona, "ya, Emma Ackerman."
Neal, "AcherMAN?"
Ona, "ya, Ackerman!"
Neal, "hahah, that’s a funny last name."

Ya buddy, we are in no position to make fun of names.

Jump rope club

Ona had her first jump rope club before school today and her coach invited Neal and me to play. It was so fun! Ona came home with a special note for Neal. Melt my heart.


The crossing guard at Ona’s school retired. My son is very sad BC Danny was very nice and always loved talking to "Mr. Neal.". When I told the kids Danny retired, Neal got very upset and asked what Danny would do now. I told him Danny might travel, relax or do home projects. I guess the last thing I said freaked him out BC Neal replied with " oh no, I sure hope I don’t get retired."